Our Chutneys

Please find below a list of our new wonderful winter chutneys, they are a mixture of sweet and spicy!

They are all made with olive oil and contain ‘paanch puron’ which is a whole spice blend that gives our chutneys their special taste. The term ‘paanch puron’ means ‘five spices’ and contains cumin, brown mustard seed, fenugreek, fennel and nigella seeds. Our chutneys contain them in perfect quantities for optimum piquancy and taste.

All our chutneys also contain flecks of garlic for flavour, brown sugar for perfect sweetness and dry fried red chillies which give the chutneys a subtle smoky hint.

The chutneys come in cute 100 ml glass jars that must be stored in the fridge. They can be reused again for whatever you want to fill them with. They cost £2.50 minimum each, proceeds go to charities that really need our help, such as Cancer Research UK and GOSH. Please remember that you can pay as much as you want for each jar, there is no maximum cost!!! All proceeds will go to charities!

ChutneyAdditional informationMinimum Price
AppleMade with three varieties of apples – sweet and sour£2.50
PearApple cider vinegar complements the flavour£2.50
OnionThree varieties caramelised and enhanced with paprika£2.50
OrangeWith apple and dates for sweetness£2.50
PineappleContains ginger for warmth and flavour£2.50
TomatoPerfect with prunes and coriander£2.50

Please place orders using our e-mail address contact@chutneysforcharity.com

We look forward to making our chutneys so that you can enjoy them with biscuits, cheese, poppadoms, rice dishes or whatever takes your fancy!

Thank you for your support!!