About us

We are Dina (17) and Riad (13), and we love to help those in need and charities in as many ways as we can. We have started ‘Chutneys for Charity’ so that we can collect money for individuals and organisations in need, but at the same time give something back in return, especially something that is as tasty as our chutneys!

Our chutneys are homemade and freshly made to order. They are made mainly with organically sourced ingredients, either from our own garden or local farms and markets. We ensure that we use good quality fruits and vegetables in our chutneys so that you can have a delightful taste experience.

We hope to sell as many chutneys as possible. Please place orders using our e-mail address on ‘Our chutneys’ page, and remember that you can give as much per chutney jar as you wish! Our profits will go to charities including Cancer Research UK.

We are also mentioned in our local newspaper, South Woodford Village Gazette! https://swvg.co.uk/2020/11/04/chutneys-for-charity-brother-and-sister-sell-condiment-for-good-causes-2/